Specializes In: Bonded Extensions * Sew In Hair Extensions * Signature Styles

Totteanna Sowels
World Class Stylist

Woman of GOD. I am more than a hairstylist

* Serial Entrepreneur * Creative Director * Salon Owner 2017



Hello World! I am Totteanna Sowels. I am a hair stylist as well as a college student. I am your WEAVE extraordinaire! I specialize in sewing and bonding extensions.

I also help maintain the look and quality of not only your extensions, but your natural hair as well. In addition to that, I can show you how proper hair care will lead to healthier and better looking hair I AM EXCITED to share with my clients and potential clients my love for styling hair and making people look great!

Thanks for your time and don’t forget to book your appointment, I’m “dyeing” to do your hair!! 🙂

Braidless Sew Ins, Shampoo & Styles.